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Your bed partner happiness guarantee!

Both you and your partner will be ecstatic by the results TestoMAX200 is bringing you, or else we don’t want your money and are ready to refund you at both and or at 888-223-3225 and +1-925-918-4412 both available 24/7.

This golden guarantee is valid for a full 90 days because not only are we that confident TestoMAX200 will bring you these amazing results, but also because you need to give your body ample time so you as well can fully feel the same potency restoring benefits our +470.000 other clients are experiencing.

This is your invitation to see for yourself,
Risk-Free, and for an entire 3 months.
Reclaim Your
Natural Male Vitality
The Unique Solution for Unique Men”
130,457 Customer Ratings READ REVIEWS
Try Risk-Free for 90 days
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Praised by Top Doctors and Clients Worldwide
It saved me, plus my marriage (...)
— James Carlton
Top U.S. Medical Experts swear by it (...)
— Dr. Anthony Capasso MD
My wife is an even bigger fan than me (...)
— Michael Anders

“My drive had faded and I was feeling totally inadequate. When I got my hands on TestoMAX200, I tried it for 10 days and thought it didn’t work. Thankfully my wife pressured me to keep taking it and now I can’t be any happier she did!”

“This is safer and more powerful than synthetic blue pills because it works in a natural way and has no known side effects even at larger doses. I started recommending TestoMAX200 to my patients 5 and a half years ago, and I still stand by it now.”

“This is by far the safest and most effective enhancement pill I ever tried, and believe me I tried many! I just wanted a spontaneous remedy without side-effects. I been using TestoMAX200 for 4 months now and wanted to tell you I feel like a rejuvenated man!”

Declining male virility can be truly...

More so when you get trapped in the common misbelief it’s part of your natural aging process

which isn’t true at all.
Just look 2 generations ago at your grandfather who had triple the vigor than you today.
What’s wrong with you then?
Plastic packaging, genetically modified crops, canned foods and drinks, polyester clothes touching your skin...
smartphone antenna beaming in your pocket, chemical residue particles sprinkling out your shower tap...
supposedly healthy fruits and vegetables requiring 13 layers of pesticides to survive their 2000 miles journey towards your intestines, and so on...
These nonstop silent onslaughts are causing a combined crippling effect on your male hormones.”
Artificial workarounds like pharmaceutical patches or TRT creams make things worse by shutting down your body’s natural ability, getting you increasingly dependent on them.
Similar with the blue pills... some of their risks and unhealthy side effects are well known by now, but the emotional insecurity and self-doubt they cause your partner, often remain unnoticed.
Then there’s Eurycoma Longifolia better known as
Tongkat Ali
...which science has demonstrated for years is a dependable safe solution restoring your male hormone levels 100% naturally.
But because Tongkat Ali takes 10 years to grow into its full potency, the pharmaceutical companies remain uninterested when they cannot mass-profit.

Four years of painstaking research and 3600+ failed experiments later, in 2012 we finally cracked the code on the exact formula helping men gain back their lost virility - safe and 100% natural:

  • Only the Tongkat root is effective. Not the leaves or any other part. This root has to age at least 10 years to become highly potent.
  • The Indonesian root is safe, while the Malaysian version is mercury contaminated due to soil pollution.
  • A single gram of 10-year aged root extract requires at least 100 grams raw source material. We doubled this and use a 200:1 ratio.

After this breakthrough discovery, we acquired the exclusive first-harvesting rights on the only exact Indonesian Tongkat Ali root that satisfies all these criteria.

Our Californian-based team of top scientists ensures nothing less than this highly potent 10-year aged 200:1 root extract is bottled into our unique TestoMAX200 solution.

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130,457 Customer Ratings
I don’t see feedback from any women, am I the first? My husband is in his early 50’s and started having unreliable erections a few years ago, which is causing me to feel insecure thinking he isn’t interested in me anymore.

Testomax200 was recommended by a friend, so we tried it. We almost lost hope because we’re not seeing the results like others do, but after 3 months of using it, he was just like 25 years younger. Since then, testomax200 has been part of our lives. We love it and we highly recommend it.
— Roxann A. Ackerman
You better get to believe in magic again. I thought I would never experience a happy sex life again. I’m in my 60’s and my wife is 18 years younger than me. I never thought I could make her this happy again. But yes, it was all made possible after taking TestoMAX200 for 2 months. I’m still taking it and I will continue taking it. Never felt any side effects!
— Archie S. Cooke
Here’s the deal with this company: their TestoMAX200 product did work for me so that part is beyond great but then as I was about to reorder they were out of stock! I think that’s totally irresponsible. I got told it has to do with the product requiring 10 years to age but as a consumer I really don’t care about any of that! So fix it and you’ll get 5 stars from me then!
— Ed H.
My doctor cautioned me about taking anything that promises results that are too good to be true. Like bringing what has long been dead back to life. It’s been a long time since I had seen any action down there prior to me taking your product. All that changed. I am 65 and these pills have saved my life.
— Rick Jenkins
130,457 reviews in total
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Your bed partner happiness guarantee!

Both you and your partner will be ecstatic by the results TestoMAX200 is bringing you, or else we don’t want your money and are ready to refund you at or 888-223-3225 available 24/7.

This golden guarantee is valid for a full 90 days because not only are we that confident TestoMAX200 will bring you these amazing results, but also because you need to give your body ample time so you as well can fully feel the same potency restoring benefits our +470.000 other clients are experiencing.

This is your invitation to see for yourself, Risk-Free, and for an entire 3 months.
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QUESTION 01 | 11
What makes TestoMAX200 unique?

The power is in properly ageing each of our Indonesian Tongkat Ali roots for 10 years into full potency.

Most organizations don’t have this same patience, as they simply want to make a quick buck and disappear, while we’ve been here helping people like you since 2012.

And given we own the first harvesting rights, we can be fully open about how this actually works:

  • Obtain Indonesian Eurycoma Longifolia (also known as Tongkat Ali). Only use the Indonesian version so you don’t end up with heavy metals in your ingredients.
  • Specifically use the root and then have the patience to let this root age for at least 10 years.
  • Take minimum 100 grams of the resulting root powder to produce a single gram of end product. In TestoMAX200 we double this and use a 200:1 ratio.
  • Add in our blend of ginger and ginkgo biloba to help your body absorb the tongkat ali even faster,

Or instead of going through all this trouble, try our TestoMAX200 solution risk-free for 90 days, and be your own judge.

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QUESTION 02 | 11
Why is TestoMAX200 often sold out?

Due to TestoMAX200's popularity we regularly sell more than nature can produce for us.

The key ingredient is 10 (yes, TEN) year aged Indonesian Tongkat Ali root and even though we own the first harvesting rights so nobody else can get this potent quality ingredient besides us - we do need to allow nature those 10 full years as we refuse to sell an inferior version of our product.

So when we're out of stock and not able to sell the exact quality ingredient which we know works so effectively well for many of our other +470.000 clients, we have to put that big red "SOLD OUT" sign up while we wait for nature to go to work for us.

To check current availability, look up your location in the white search box:

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QUESTION 03 | 11
Where is TestoMAX200 manufactured?

After we have first allowed nature the necessary 10 years it needs to supercharge our Indonesian Tongkat Ali roots, we then meticulously harvest each root by hand, prepare them and fly them over to our GMP-certified lab in California, United States. Here, in order to produce a single TestoMAX200 capsule we take 60000mg of raw source material and transform it into the super potent 300mg extract that made our product legendary. This 200:1 ratio makes TestoMAX200 unbeatable compared to all the fake imitation products out there.

After we also added in our proprietary blend of ginger and ginkgo biloba which helps your body shuttle our Tongkat Ali into your bloodstream even more efficiently - we then conduct another batch of quality assurance tests before flying over the ready-made TestoMAX200 to our multiple distribution warehouses across the United States.

From here we ship your order to you around the world, wherever you are, and always in a discreet package.

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QUESTION 04 | 11
Are there any dangers?

Ever since we started sharing our TestoMAX200 solution with the public in 2012, con artists are attempting to defraud our clients. To stay safe, there’s only 2 things to watch out for:

Tons of counterfeit products are trying to cash in on our TestoMAX200 fame. Here’s just a small selection of recent pictures sent to us by duped victims.

These people all got in touch disappointed not seeing any results. Turned out they got tricked by a bogus product.

Be aware of these potentially dangerous imitation products.
How to prevent this? It’s easy.

The real TestoMAX200 solution can only be obtained directly from us, right here on this page. Our genuine bottles are displayed in this promo clip with UFC star Michael Johnson.


The other scam are fake reviews purposefully misleading you towards their own brand. Be vigilant when seeing something negative displayed right next to a glowing recommendation for an alternative product. It’s a telltale sign you are being conned.

Play it safe and try TestoMAX200 yourself risk-free for 90 days.
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How should I use TestoMAX200?

Simply take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. Try it on an empty stomach 45 minutes before you eat, but if it's too strong for you then you can use it with food as well. You will take it for 10 days and then you pause 5 days.

Simply keep repeating that same cycle: 10 days with each time a 5 days break in between. It’s important you cycle it because over time your body can get used to the stimulating benefits of TestoMAX200 and you would need to take more and more to keep getting the same results.

We don't play such tricks and honestly we are already selling more TestoMAX200 than we can supply, therefore please follow our recommendation and take the 5 days break in between. Each TestoMAX200 bottle contains 40 capsules and this will last you an entire month (adding up to two 10-day cycles plus two 5-day breaks).

Now if you are over 165 pounds we do recommend you double the dose by taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening. This is because your body needs a certain amount of extract per pound of bodyweight to experience the total effect.

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QUESTION 06 | 11
How long till I will start seeing results?

Here’s the raw truth for you without any fancy sales pitch: it can vary a lot depending on the person and your current overall health. Some of our clients start seeing results within a matter of days while for hard cases it can sometimes take up to 3 months for TestoMAX200 to reverse their body’s decline.

The average male needs about 40 days of usage to start seeing the results. Remember it has taken your body many years to slowly deteriorate so allow it at least those 3 months for your natural T-production to repair itself. That’s why we have our 90-day Money Back Guarantee, so you can give your body all the time it needs.

QUESTION 07 | 11
Do I need to sign up for a subscription?

It’s entirely up to you. Most people choose a monthly or quarterly autoship delivery so they get served first and always remain locked in at their current rate, even when the price of our unique 10 year aged potent tongkat ali - the main ingredient in TestoMAX200 - goes up.

But you can of course also select one of our one-time purchase options. Those are simply called "One-time Purchase" while the autoship subscriptions are called "Subscribe & Save More". If you decide to subscribe we’ll always send you a courtesy email reminder prior to each new shipment as well.

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QUESTION 08 | 11
What is the return policy?

Your first TestoMAX200 investment is protected by our 90-day Money Back Guarantee. And that’s not only because we’re so confident our solution will work for you, but also because you need to give your body enough time so you as well can start experiencing the potency restoring benefits of TestoMAX200.

That's why we provide you a full 3 months to see the results for yourself. If after that time you're not convinced or you're unsatisfied for any other reason at all, simply get in touch with us and we get you set up with your Return Merchandise Authorization code, so you can send us back the empty bottles.

Yes we do need the (empty) bottles returned to protect everyone from refund abuse, and no we do not succumb to fraudulent bank or credit card complaints either. This weeding out of fraudsters guarantees that you the honest person will always be getting your refund without fail!

QUESTION 09 | 11
Do you offer a free trial?

People interested in free trial products tend to jump around from one product to the other, hoping to magically stumble on a solution - not realizing they are hurting themselves by endlessly running around in circles never allowing their body enough time for TestoMAX200 to restore their potency to normal levels.

Compare this to our clients who actually did invest in buying the solution: they showed real commitment to restoring their health and ended up being far more successful compared to people who "just wanted to test a free trial".

So in order to help as many people as possible and increase the massive number of TestoMAX200 success stories even faster, we are not selling any "free trials" but instead offer our golden 90-day Money Back Guarantee for your success.

Also, most free trial supplements are often billing scams and in order to preserve our pristine reputation, we do not wish to be associated with any of that negativity.

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QUESTION 10 | 11
What are the payment options?

We are trusted partners with all major credit card companies:

If you are not able to pay by credit card then you can also contact us for details on how to pay through wire / bank transfer, because we want to help as many people as possible.

Note that when not paying by credit card, the minimum order volume is 3 bottles to cover the higher processing costs. Once payment has been received, your order will be on its way to you within 24 hours and you will receive a tracking link so you can follow its progress. Your order will always arrive in a discreet package.

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QUESTION 11 | 11
How can I contact you?

We're based in the United States ready to help our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached through either phone or email.

If you wish to speak to someone directly you can contact us on toll free number 888-223-3225, or use
+1-925-918-4412 when calling from a country where our toll free number is not available to you.

Or if you prefer you can also drop us a message and request we call you back. Our email address is and we can be reached at as well. So we got all the options you need.